Poznań, Poland

Artist in Residence Programme (c) ZAMEK Culture Centre













Jagna Domżalska from ZAMEK Culture Centre joined us for the onAIRISM - challenges and transitions workshop in May 2021

ZAMEK Culture Centre is an interdisciplinary public institution based in Poznań, a city halfway between Warsaw and Berlin. It is presenting the most interesting phenomena in contemporary culture, in which the interwoven threads of visual arts, theatre, cinema, music and literature intermingle and complement one another. Our goal is to cater for the diverse needs of the audience and to develop individual competence and sensibilities of its members. We also wish to be a venue of artistic experiment, by providing artists with opportunities and conditions in which their work may take shape and encounters with the audience take place.

Given the fact that the institution resides in a former imperial castle, an extraordinary witness of the 20th-century European history, the reflection on history and its impact on the present day are also an eminent item on our agenda. Time and again, the residential nature of the edifice and its rich history become a setting of artistic events, ever so often providing inspiration and a starting point for the undertakings of the resident artists.

When developing our programme of residencies, we combine three elements we find crucial. We enable the artists to carry out their projects, whereby they may take advantage of the institution’s potential and exploit its spaces. Also, the audience are given the opportunity to meet the artists, who often are extraordinary personalities, and find out about the equally interesting artistic projects. Each of the latter is accompanied by educational events and meetings with the authors, thanks to which the audience can see the creative process as it happens, first hand, and comprehend its outcomes better.