April 2021

Online workshop and a digital conference on the work, visions and networking of artists' residencies in selected regions

Artists' residencies are an intrinsic part of the mobility infrastructure in the art and cultural field. They can also play an increasingly important role for artists' international careers and their exchange with local art scenes in different countries.

Today, ecological, political and economic crises around the world today are widely questioning the mobility concepts of recent decades and are giving rise to a desire to render Artist in Residence (AIR) programs more sustainable. New concepts are being developed that enable the local population to participate, including digital formats that allow for both a greener approach and the mitigation of the inequality among artists worldwide with respect to accessing such programs.

With onAIRISM in 2021, IGBK will seek out an exchange with AIR programs in selected regions of the Americas and discuss the visions of the program organizers and how they define their programs within the political and social environment on regional as well as on an international level. How can residencies offer alternative infrastructures and open up to facilitate artistic work in the midst of societal upheaval, transformation and ecological crises?

Read more about the background of the project here.

December 2021: Read here a short PDF summary on the project onAIRISM 2021

The project leaders of onAIRISM - challenges and transitions are María Linares, Andreas Schmid and Moira Zoitl, members of the board of IGBK. Special thanks go to Rona Rangsch, member of the onAIRISM project team and IGBK delegate.