Submission deadline: 28-03-2021

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SMACH is a land-art project born in 2012. It is a biennial open air exhibition that represents the combination of “art and nature”, where the latter acts as the display of the artistic creations, designed and tailored specifically to various sites. It started from an international art competition that celebrates where the involved artists, staged their works in places of historical and cultural interests in San Martin de Tor and Marebbe. 
The fifth edition of SMACH puts the the word ‘FRAGILE’ as it’s main focus. What do frailty and fragility mean in our world? After all, being fragile can mean a lot. Headlines say the current pandemic has shone a light on the fragility of institutions and globalisation; while according to the Oxford dictionary, “delicate”, “dainty” and “fine” are synonyms of fragile. The world and peace are fragile – but so are human relations at times. But fragility contains other values, too: sensitivity and tenderness, friendliness and dignity – all values which open the door to different emotions, feelings, and existences.
For its fifth edition in 2021, SMACH is looking for artistic installations and works of art to exhibit in different natural locations in Val Badia. Each artist receives an artist fee of 2.000 EURO.