Submission Deadline: 27-05-2021

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In the framework of the European project Who Cares? Centro Huarte offers an international residency program for two or more artists that will take place from September 1 to October 24, 2021.

Who Cares? is a program supported by Creative Europe focusing on care practices, seeking to permeate through the participating organisations' infrastructure and programmes. We ask ourselves about who we are caring for, in order to build in interdependence with the communities with which we develop our activity as art production centres.

For this reason, the residency programme is collaborating with Mapamundistas), a local initiative developed for 15 years in different spaces in Pamplona and its surroundings curated by Alexandra Baurès. The Mapamundistas 2021 edition is entitled Un movimiento que engendra un movimiento (A movement that produces a movement) and will seek to explore the transformative power of emotions and their collective dimension.

This residency will take place in Habitación in Centro Huarte. Habitación is a hybrid project between residency and exhibition, in which artists make use of the work space and it is open to the public on weekends.
During the process, the artists will share their work and process also on the Who Cares? website and will get a personalized assessment by a mentor working on the theme they propose.

We are looking for a project developed by two artists or more, established as a collective, that explores art as a place for dialogue and exchange of methodologies, delving into care, affects and knowledge transfer. An approach to the local community for the development of the process will be positively valued.