Submission Deadline: 08-10-2021

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The art world has shown strong resilience by going digital in the new normal. Holding performances and exhibitions online or in hybrid events have enabled artists to engage in creativity throughout this crisis. However with most available funds focused on supporting productions, networking and building new connections have largely been missing in the programming.

Given this new reality, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) aim to fill this gap through Culture over coffee– a joint open call for organisations to organise small, closed gatherings whether physical, virtual or hybrid. These gatherings are intended for discussion and exchange between the participants – like the kind of conversation you may arrange to have as a follow up after meeting at a conference and discovering some shared interests or concerns. The gathering could be focused on developing something you want to work on together, or it could be to explore an issue about which you have shared concerns or questions, or to exchange knowledge and experience in a certain field. The gathering does not need to be open to the public, although streaming it would be welcome if you find that relevant.

The joint call aims to:

  • Promote cultural exchange by allowing free-flowing conversations to happen
  • Enhance the professional development of cultural professionals by bridging new and strengthening existing connections
  • Expand the diversity of cultural professionals participating in exchanges and collaborations.