Tiroler Künstler:innenschaft / Austria
Einreichungsfrist: 16-Sep-2022
Kategorie: Kunst im öffentlichen Raum

Stadt oder Region: Tirol

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2022 seems to be something of a watershed year. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shows the range of geopolitical and global economic implications an apparently regional war on European soil can have. The relative security in which the societies of Europe have weighed themselves in the past decades now appears to be approaching an end. In our interconnected world, it is evident that local conflicts inevitably have global consequences that are difficult to control. The famous metaphor of butterflies flapping their wings and so generating effects on the other side of the world is proving more relevant than ever. So, what can be done in the face of impending turmoil? And how can art respond to the current socio-political issues?

Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Tirol 2023 invites artists* to propose projects that deal with the current turn of eras and its possible effects on the region of Tyrol as a living space, but also convey developmental perspectives beyond the mainstream, so offering unusual food for thought for a better future.

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