Fogo Island Arts / Canada
Einreichungsfrist: 31-Aug-2022
Kategorie: Residenz

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Fogo Island Arts is announcing an open call for an experimental new residency dedicated to research into community economies and alternative economic models.
This residency will provide an opportunity for the selected resident(s) to live and work on Fogo Island, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada for a period of six weeks, up to three months. A budget of up to 25,000 CAD will be provided to support travel to Fogo Island and a new project or the development of an existing project for the selected resident(s). Alongside the project budget, the resident will be provided with accommodation, as well as a vehicle on Fogo Island. Successful candidates will be responsible for acquiring the necessary visas and driver’s license permissions, Fogo Island Arts will help facilitate this process. The residency period will commence from late 2023.

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