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Einreichungsfrist: 01-Dec-2022
Kategorie: Projektförderung

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The pilot project, launched in June 2021, aims to preserve and promote the culture of the European Union’s outermost regions and overseas countries and territories. It is co-financed by the European Union and coordinated by the Institut français (Paris, France), in partnership with the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (Brussels, Belgium) and the Agência de Promoção da Cultura Atlântica (Madeira, Portugal). On the Move is an associated partner for the project.

This Mobility Fund supports the physical and virtual mobility of culture-sector professionals and artists in the outermost regions of the European Union (ORs), the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) and throughout the European Union.

The overall budget dedicated to this specific Mobility Fund is €250,000 divided between two calls:

€100,000 for the current call.
€150,000 for a second call that will concern networking, to be published in February 2022.
Applications are open to artists, groups of artists, and/or culture-sector professionals legally residing in the ORs or OCTs who submit applications on an individual basis (who are not represented by a structure).  The call covers performing arts, music, visual arts, design, architecture, digital creation and other disciplines. 

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