Nordic Watercolour Museum / Sweden
Einreichungsfrist: 01-Oct-2022
Kategorie: Residenz

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One of the main goals of The Nordic Watercolour Museum in Skärhamn, Sweden is to promote artistic development to make the museum a space for thoughts and processes. One way of doing this is offering artists accommodation in the guest studios next to the museum. The museum wants to contribute to artistic networks, peace of mind, inspiration – for the creation of art. They are curious about the meetings and processes that can occur between the artist, the place, the visitors, and the exhibitions.

The Nordic Watercolour Museum’s 7-day residence offers artists in all art forms a free stay in one of the museum’s guest studios for a week and a travel grant of up to 1000 SEK (~95 EUR). Every year, six to eight artists are offered the residency, to be used during spring or autumn.

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