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Einreichungsfrist: 15-May-2023
Kategorie: Residenz

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Hungry EcoCities is a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to develop responsible, art-driven solutions for the agri-food industry using AI-enabled technologies. This programme will host 20 S+T+ARTS residencies aimed at prototyping these solutions for end-users. These ‘experiments’ give an opportunity to think differently, to bridge perspectives, to give a voice to unheard actors.

Hungry EcoCities is now launching the first open call for artists. They are looking for artists who can combine technology and art to explore digital questions and investigate them within 3 selected directions for the future of food: Mega Scale, Local Conditions, and City+Farming Synergies. The goal is to experiment and come up with solutions for the future of food through a more healthy, sustainable, responsible, and affordable agri-food system enabled by AI.

This first open call will select up to 10 artists that will explore and prototype AI applications in agri-food sector through artistic means. Residencies last 9 months and take place with partner organisations in Netherlands, Germany or Italy. There is a maximum funding of 40,000 EUR per artist.

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