The festival is organized by Errant Sound e.V. and is kindly funded by Berliner Senatsverwaltung für / Germany
Einreichungsfrist: 25-Feb-2024
Kategorie: Residenz

Stadt oder Region: Berlin

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The DYSTOPIA Biennial is calling for proposals for its upcoming edition in 2024, with a focus on India. Broadly organised around the theme of “dys/utopia”, the sound art exhibition brings together a diverse range of sound art related artistic practices, including installations, performances, experimental music, listening sessions, as well as projects in public space.

Following on from the inaugural editions DYSTOPIA festival Berlin-Turkey 2018/2019 and Berlin-Brazil 2020/2021, (Berlin-Russia 2022 had to be cancelled), DYSTOPIA 24 will focus on sound-related practices emerging

Visit our Website for more information!

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