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The International Association of Art Europe (IAA Europe) is pleased to invite you to the symposium ARTS & ROBOTS: Future of artists’ labour in the context of current technological development, which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, on 18 October. The IAA Europe Symposium 2023 is developed in partnership with the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia, and with thanks to a-n The Artists Information Company for the support in preparation of the Symposium.

The last decades were marked by growing global political and economic deregulations, which brought instability and insecurity in all areas of human living and labour. Already existing inequalities increased, provoking waves of migrations, wars, and ecological disasters. All of this, of course, didn’t bypass the field of arts and culture. A number of initiatives and voices were raised questioning the place of arts and culture in the rapidly changing world threatened by growing general instability, and now forthcoming technological developments of which we are hardly able to foresee.

Responses to the general precarisation of work and depletion of social and humanistic values in the field of arts have been seen in numerous proposals to regulate better working conditions for visual artists. Lots of professional associations issued codes of fair practices and fair pay calculators, devised ways for artists’ remunerations through collective copyright agencies, and advocated for basic income, etc – understanding arts and culture not as an entertaining element to the overall social and political structure, but as its vital part. 

The reality is that a vast number of artists and cultural workers around the globe joined the army of precarious class, which with the new development of generated AI technologies are facing an even greater threat of becoming useless.

For this reason, we have to first understand where we stand with our knowledge, experience and ways of working and understand where our closest alliances are.

The coming symposium invites the visual artists’ community and all interested in discussing perspectives and speculating possible scenarios of the development of art labour and the place of art in the society of the near future.

View the symposium program here (PDF, 12.10.2023). More information and updates on the IAA Europe website.

The day after the symposium, on 19 October 2023, also takes place the IAA Europe General Assembly in Belgrade.

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Topic: ARTS & ROBOTS – IAA Europe Symposium
Time: Oct 18, 2023, 09:30 AM Belgrade
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The Symposium will be recorded and can also be watched on ULUS Youtube channel afterwards.