Submission Deadline: 05-04-2021

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The Arts and Encounters Academy is looking for participants

Cultural institutions are spaces of encounter. But who exactly gets to meet in these spaces? What kinds of encounters take place at these venues – and what kinds don’t? In the past several years, we have seen an emergence of a number of practices that focus on precisely such questions. These new practices are carried out at the interface between communication, dramaturgy and public relations, and they range from performative participation strategies and collective authorship all the way to audience development measures – on site and increasingly in the digital realm.

The Alliance of International Production Houses (Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuser) created the Arts and Encounters Academy as a way of examining these practices and carrying them further. The goal of the academy is to create a forum for networking and collaborative learning for those who are already active in shaping the space between art and society – as well as for those who are interested in doing so in the future.

At the Arts and Encounters Academy, we work together to devise successful strategies and foster eye-level participation that generate encounters based on solidarity, acknow-ledging divergent perspectives, power relations and experiences of discrimination among the persons encountering each other. We discuss artistic projects, formats, locations and processes of encounter, while also sharing questions, experiences and knowledge. Together, we take a look at what reorganisations are already underway at theatres, museums, art schools and other cultural institutions. Which artistic practices of encounter can be exemplary? What areas require urgent changes?

The Arts and Encounters Academy is scheduled to take place on three long weekends in the summer and autumn of 2021. Each session will have its own thematic focus and be hosted by a different venue site of the Alliance of International Production Houses. Participants will be joined by a number of experts, who will contribute their knowledge and experience to the discussions. In close cooperation with employees of the participating venues, it will be possible to gain unique insights into the inner workings and tools of the independent cultural scene.