Submission deadline: 31-05-2020

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Call for entries for GALERIE BERNAU for the 2021 exhibition year

„Nobody lives everywhere; everybody lives somewhere. Nothing is connected to everything; everything is connected to something.“
–– Donna Haraway

We were sitting on a bench, outside. Side by side. I wondered where you'd been. We haven't said a word. Nothing. It got dark, but I didn't want to go anywhere. Until you got up. I startled, you left. I could feel my heart beating. I sat down again for a moment. And looked around me.

We are not nowhere: we are somewhere and always in connection with something, says Donna Haraway. Where are we right now? In 2021 several elections will take place across Europe, including the 20th Bundestag election. But what are our ideas about the political, social space in which we are moving?

When we think about the relationship between people and space, the term "Heimat" quickly appears. "Heimat": a difficult concept to grasp, not really translatable and constantly appropriated. ”Heimat“: a clearly negotiable and seemingly fleeting phenomenon, the meaning of which is open to endless discussion. But what is "Heimat"? Who determines what "Heimat" is? Where is it located? When is something "Heimat"? Who owns "Heimat"? When does "Heimat" become relevant? The decisive question, according to cultural studies scholar Mithu Sanyal, is not "where do you come from?” but "where are we going together?”. Is there such a thing as home? And if so, (how) can it be shaped?

GALERIE BERNAU invites visual artists* resident in Brandenburg and Berlin to apply for the exhibition year 2021 "Heimat, Herz, Orte.” Please send us the completed application form together with your documents by 31 May 2020 to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!