Submission deadline: 31-08-2020

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“BESTIARIUM 2020” is the second part of a double printmaking event by The ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTER- PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI, a non-profit company, which will exhibit the work at the ETCH INK Art Space, Athens in October & November 2020.

In this event, The ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTER- PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI will collect many artworks from the contemporary scene of printmaking. Personal expressions from artists interested and concerned for the vulnerable fauna of the planet.

We are calling for all interested artists across the world to participate in this second exhibition phase; focusing on the recording and classification of the Earth’s Fauna, through the medium of printmaking. The call is addressed to artists from all corners of the world.

Printmaking, as a historically pioneering language of communication, has presented animal classification to scientific research. Tracing this process, we propose today our own versions of animal images: recording, engraving and printing with materials and technical procedures that we no longer find in the field of image communication, but only in the field of art.

Systematic classification is the practice used by Biology to classify living beings. It serves to separate, for study, living organisms found in a huge variety in the natural world: from huge whales to tiny bacteria.

BESTIARIUM 2020 is the presentation of a montage of animals, both real or imaginary. Each animal image can be “narrated “, through the printmaking language in a wide variety of engraving styles and techniques.

Throughout the history of Art, there have been engravers who have created woodcuts or copperplates and other techniques, their own BESTIARIUM. Often, each animal, beast or mythological creature was associated with poems, stories or a morality lesson.

For example, Guillaume Apollinaire’s “Bestiaire”, illustrated with Raoul Duffy’s woodcuts.

Calling on: artists, & printmakers WORLDWIDE


Applicants will be notified by SEPTEMBER  7, 2020.-Exhibitions will occur between OCTOBER  2020 and DECEMBER 2020.  Exact dates will be announced soon.-Exhibitions typically run for 3 weeks with two weeks in between shows for gallery preparation.-Exhibition proposals are reviewed by a committee of Athens Printmaking Center Pandolfini & Siaterli members and guest jurors. Final selections are made using the organizations’s curatorial statement as a guidepost.