Submission deadline: 15-10-2020

The Arabic Cultural House DIVAN invites artists in Germany and Qatar to participate in the “Fight the Corona pandemic - a reflection in Art Prize of the Arabic Divan”:

As the German poet Hermann Hesse once said, “a magic dwells in each beginning”. The global pandemic Covid-19 clearly stands for an end to many things we were used to and will have a sustainable impact on our way of living. But we should always remember that even in times of crisis, there is always hope for a new beginning and creation of a better world. In these unprecedented times of Covid-19, culture and art remain the ultimate tools for critical analysis and reflection in our society. Now more than ever it is time for contemplation and, even more important, affirmative action for a better future. The prize offers a chance to build bridges of communication and dialog together with the art world.
We believe that artistic work introduces diverse and often new perspectives on questions relating to both the future and the past. We announce an open call for all artists between the age of 18-30 years old, who are citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany or the State of Qatar and work individually or collectively.
Goals and objectives:
- To support the local artistic community in Germany and Qatar,
- To provide a platform for artistic statements relevant to the
current global situation and to convey those statements to a wider
- To call for unity and solidarity within the artistic community and
to create and support new forms of representation of culture.
The jury will select three art works / contributions (all mediums accepted) and the winners will be awarded:
First place: 1000 EUR
Second place: 750 EUR
Third place: 500 EUR
An exhibition at the Arabic Cultural House will show the winners of the prize as well as the best 20 contributions (short-list), picked by the jury.
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