Submission deadline: 30-03-2019

More information on the open call here.

Apollonia, along with its partners, is launching a call for projects open to artists in order to participate in the urban project Vivacity 2.0 and take over parts of the Robertsau district (and more specifically the surroundings of the E line tramway extension and “Cité de l’Ill” area) within the city of Strasbourg.

Artwork production – urban intervention
2nd semester of 2019
Framework / Context

Reimagining the city through art and vegetal life

Living in harmony with its city and enabling a long-term commitment with its future, such is Vivacity 2.0 project’s ambition.
Following the success of the first instalment of Vivacity in 2018, along with our partner organisations (Lieu d’Europe, Kartier Nord, Centre Socio-Culturel l’Escale, CINE de Bussierre, ADIR) we have decided to launch a new activity program tackling the relationship between city, art and nature. This time around, by preserving the idea of a citizen initiative, we have made the choice to include the entirety of the Robertsau district, in order to enable its inhabitants to imagine and forge the city of our dreams and needs. Developing an innovative urban design based on biodiversity and vegetal life, open to new sources of energy and recycled materials and combining citizen and artistic approaches is at the top of our priorities.

Creating a new rhythm of life

Our objective through Vivacity 2.0 is to draw a map of the city from a brand new perspective thanks to active and creative paths at the heart of our area of work. Our intention with these walks is to offer to locals a peaceful, pedestrian alternative to the frenzy of modern urban life. This new typology of walks will be possible thanks to the new methods of collaboration between citizens, local communities and experts in the required fields.The first path prototype will be started in the second half of 2019. Starting from the Apollonia Garden, it will make its way through the Robertsau, passing by key sites such as Lieu d’Europe, CINE de Bussierre and l’Escale, following the E tramway and traversing the Cité de l’Ill area until it finally reaches the Pourtalès Park. The new pedestrian fluxes in the Robertsau district would not only benefit the touristic and commercial appeal of the area, but also the life of its inhabitants, thanks to the artistic and citizen-spirited installations brought to the surroundings.

Developing inhabitants’ participation

One of the objectives of the projects is to emphasize an inclusive process where everyone’s word has weight. Indeed, following the steps of participatory urban actions, we aim at creating a true sense of commitment and responsibility in local inhabitants by imagining an innovative process which will both contribute to their quality of life and ensure the perpetuation of the artworks. The project would aim to generate, as much as possible, contribution and collaboration from local inhabitants.


  • The proposed artwork must be author’s original creation (i.e. it cannot infringe the copyright, trademark or other creative rights of any third party) and not have been previously displayed.
  • The final artwork must include living vegetal materials.
  • The “path” concept, in any shape, will be particularly welcome.
  • Please note that the appropriation of the artworks by the local inhabitants will be one of the main challenges of the project, along with the issue of their perpetuation.
  • A participatory approach and mediatory undertakings will be part of the project.

This approach will contribute to the reinforcement of a contemporary quality identity of the concerned territories.


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