Submission Deadline: 31-05-2020

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The next edition of the festival LOCALIZE will take place in Potsdam 17 September – 17 October 2020. The organisers are calling for projects – in corona-compatible formats – that question what we call the ‘center’ in the city center of Potsdam and that rediscover public space through artistic and playful approaches.

In autumn 2020, LOCALIZE ‘Center Shock’ will negotiate different artistic and participatory perspectives on the theme of the ‘center’ through installations, performances, sounds, pictures, workshops, talks and games. Who or what determines the centers of our cities and what is marginalized? What do we want to place at the center of an open community? What holds us together and how can the ‘center’ be rethought after the ‘corona shock’?

From the open call, one artist will be selected to receive a scholarship and spend two weeks working intensively with the festival and the city. They will develop site-specific works and capture the center from their perspective. Their work will be presented as a central component of the festival.

LOCALIZE will cover travel costs for the selected artist, as well providing a 1000 Euro stipend and an additional 1000 Euro for material costs.