Submission Deadline: between 01-09-2019 and 31-10-2019

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Through the Crossing Borders programme, the organisers fund international research trips by authors, filmmakers and photographers: from China (incl. Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong), India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam, to Germany and from German-speaking countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

The organisers welcome applications from authors, filmmakers and photographers who intend to gather information first hand, visit authentic sites and dare to forge their own, new perspective. The intended publication may range from literary and essayistic prose works, poetry, photo-text volumes, children’s and young adults’ literature, scripts for documentary and feature films, to radio programs and multimedia productions.

Depending on the destination country, it is possible to apply for research funding of up to €15,000 which includes:

  • Subsidy for the travel costs for one way, continuation and return travel to the destination country/countries up to a maximum of € 2,500.
  • Subsidy for accommodation costs and meals for max. 31 days
  • Subsidy for the preparation of the work, implementation and follow-up of the research trip in the amount of € 1,500 per month for a total of max. three months.