touring artists round table in January 2018

touring artists is currently focusing on working possibilities for artists, creatives and cultural professionals from Turkey based in Germany. Therefore an exchange meeting took place on January 29, 2018, to discuss and better understand the specific need for information and support. Artists from Turkey were invited as well as cultural institutions in Berlin working with colleagues from Turkey. It became clear that in addition to basic information on working requirements and possibilities, e.g. on entry conditions, work permit, social insurance, funding, language classes etc., a special need for business matchmaking exists, for networking and inciting dialogue between artists and cultural professionals from Turkey and Germany.   TA Logo CMYK Zuschnitt Website

touring artists will provide detailed information on these issues within the coming quarter. 

touring artists is a project by the IGBK and the International Theatre Institute (ITI) Germany, initiated and supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

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