next meeting 16.11.2020 - 15h @ "Tangotanzen mach schön", Oranienstraße, Berlin

IAIB Monthly Meet Up

The next touring artists / IAIB MONTHLY MEET-UP is coming up“!

Focus: "Working outside of Berlin"

More information here soon.

In order to have more space and keep the right amount of distance, until the end of the year we moved to a new venue: "Tango tanzen macht schön" on Oranienstr. 185 in Kreuzberg. If you want to participate please write a short mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The MONTHLY MEET-UP is held in cooperation with the Landesmusikrat Berlin e.V.

On the last Monthly Meet-Up at 21.09.2020:

This time we will face a topic that might seem very unpleasant on the first sight, but is actually really important: The Künstlersozialkasse, alo known as KSK. Again the info-session will be followed by a networking-session with guests from Berlin’s culture scene.

Part 1: What’s the deal with KSK? – Info session on artists social insurance in Germany.
Part 2: Networking in Berlin – get to know our guests from Ballhaus Ost and Musszo Booking.

The KSK is the option for artists and other people working in the cultural sector to enjoy similar protection from statutory social security as employees. With this possibility there come a lot of obligations and ambiguities and with that a lot of questions.

What requirements do I have to meet to become a member? How do I prepare my KSK application? How do I stay in the KSK? I am a member of the KSK and want to work abroad? We will give you an introduction to those topics and leave some time for you to ask questions.

After that, we will be happy to engage with our guests – Daniel Schrader from Ballhaus Ost and Simon Alter from Musszo Booking – who will give us insights into their work in the field of performing arts and the music business.

On the last MONTHLY MEET-UP on 21.09.2020:

Part 1: What’s the deal with Förderung? – Info session on arts funding
Part 2: Networking in Berlin – get to know our guests from Ada Studios and Galerie Wedding

When you are new in Berlin, people will probably tell you a lot about different funding programs (“Förderprogramme”). But sometimes all these different programs can be overwhelming. And it gets even worse when you try to prepare an application (most of the times “German only”).

How does funding in Germany work in general? What kind of different funding institutions are there? What are the different steps of the application (“Antragstellung”)? Where can I get support? We will give you an introduction to those topics and leave some time for you to ask questions.

After that, conversations with our guests Gabi Beier from Ada Studios and Solvej Ovesen from Galerie Wedding, who gave us insights into their work and tips on how to get a foothold in Berlin as an artist.

Our MONTHLY MEET-UP gives you the chanace

  • to get advice on administrative questions relevant for your artistic work in Berlin (such as tax number, KSK (social security fund for artists) or visa issues)
  • meet members of Berlin’s art institutions and get to know their work
  • meet fellow artists and support each other
  • visit shows, performances and exhibitions together

You are welcome to join us every third Monday of the month in Berlin.

Bring your questions and ideas!

touring artists is a joint project of IGBK, the International Theatre Institute (ITI) Germany and Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (DTD), supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

touring artists/ International Artists Info Berlin (IAIB) is a cooperation of IGBK, ITI and DTD with SMartDe – Netzwerk für Kreative e.V., supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin program "Weltoffenes Berlin".