06 and 07 November 2020 (digital)

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Inputs a.o. by Aleksi Soselia (Gallery Warehouse), Alicja Kaczmarek (Centrala Space Birmingham), Asmer Abdullayeva (Asmart Creative Hub), Berenika Partum (Centrala Berlin), Giorgi Rodionov (Untitled Gallery Tbilisi / Collective 90x / Salaam Cinema Baku), Lea Stöver (Creative Europe Desk Kultur Deutschland), Mariam Natroshvili (Museum on call), Matthias Mayer (Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und -initiativen / Spor Klübü), Nino Klingler (Allianz Kulturstiftung), Sophia Tabatadze (GeoAIR), Pavel Brăila, Sabine Shiklinskaya,…

Register here for more updates on the conference. The conference will be in English and mainly take place via Zoom. We are guests of the Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und -Initiativen im KUNSTPUNKT BERLIN, on Friday 06 November 2020 and will stream live from the venue.

Art Space Connect is a 2020 collaboration of Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste (IGBK), GeoAIR (Tbilisi) and Centrala Berlin.

As cooperation partners, we want to strengthen the exchange with independent art initiatives and artist-run spaces in Central and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, asking:

  • What is the specific profile of independent art initiatives and artist-run spaces and how do they develop and reach their audience?
  • What is the status quo of international exchange amongst those initiatives? Which structures are relevant and how does international cooperation help?
  • What are the regional perspectives and political frameworks to consider?
  • What will mobility come down to in the aftermath of the COVID19-crisis, which new ways of digital and regional audience development will remain?
  • How do we find creative and alternative ways to support and finance independent art initiatives and artist run spaces in these countries and the international exchange amongst them? What are the new tools and solutions for support?

Logos Art Space Connect Partner

IGBK was founded in 1957 as the German National Committee of the International Association of Art (IAA), an NGO in official partnership with UNESCO. IGBK unites Germany's three most important artist associations (BBK, Deutscher Künstlerbund and GEDOK) and represents more than 14,000 visual artists in Germany. It engages in European networks such as Culture Action Europe and On The Move and advises artists on questions of international mobility. Furthermore, IGBK organizes symposia on the international conditions and perspectives of contemporary art. Marcel Noack (BBK) and Moira Zoitl (Deutscher Künstlerbund) from IGBK are the projects leads for “Art Space Connect”.

GeoAIR was founded in 2003 in Tbilisi/ Georgia by Sophia Tabatadze (director). It organizes and supports international exchange projects by bringing together artists/curators from different cultural backgrounds and finding relevant contexts for them to work in. GeoAIR has three interconnected directions: collaborative cultural projects, self-directed residency program, and Archidrome – Contemporary Art Archive. GeoAIR constantly develops its activities to be more research-based, inclusive and engaged in the specificity of the given environment. In its interdisciplinary curatorial projects priority is given to socially engaged projects in which, through close collaboration of local artists, audiences and communities, they share experiences and ideas.

Centrala Berlin is a new association for Central and Eastern European art based in Berlin established as branch of Centrala in Birmingham (UK). Set up in 2014, Centrala Birmingham has gone onto establish itself as a nationally and internationally recognized centre for Central and Eastern European art and artists. Centrala is a powerful advocate for social integration, bringing together diverse audiences to share, explore, debate and connect with high-quality art and events. Berenika Partum, Alicja Kaczmarek and Agata Lisiak are co-founders and directors of Centrala Berlin.