On June 24th, 2017 the IGBK delegates came together and elected a new board.

The meeting took place at the Haus der Kulturverbände in Mohrenstraße, Berlin.

The new board members:

Further Delegates in 2017:

From left to right: Lutz Hirschmann (board member), Prof. Ulrike Rosenbach​ (chairperson), Ingrid Scheller (board member), Erhard Kalina (board member), Roswitha Pape, Werner Schaub (chairperson), Maria Anna Dewes, Susanne Meier-Faust (board member), Jörg Wagner​ (board member), Annette Hollywood​ (chairperson & speaker), Andrea Knobloch (board member), Hertha Miessner, Elsa Hagelskamp.

We are very thankful to the delegates and congratulations to the new board!

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