The Cultural Agora of Culture Action Europe  took place in Rome in November 2017.


The Get Together started on 15 November with the Annual General Meeting of CAE, followed by Policy and Action Groups in small circles. Simona Neumann, CEO for Timisoara 2021/European Capital of Culture (Romania), got newly elected to the board of CAE.

16 and 17 November were filled with discussions and panels around topics such as "Reflect: Heritage and Social Innovation" or "Trespassing Europe: Towards the New International". Amongst others, Alex Meszmer, CEO of the Swiss National Committee of IAA Europe Visarte, discussed his current project the "Transitory Museum of Pfyn" on the panel "Digital or not? - Questions on Audience Development". Susanne Meier-Faust and Dr. Thomas Engel together attended the event as representatives of the European Secretariat of German Culture NGOs.

Find the complete programme here for download, have a look at photos and videos and read Culture Action Europe's summary of the talks.

On a side note: Katherine Heid, Acting Secretary-General of CAE, was again a guest and panelist for the concluding discussion of IGBK’s symposium »Fragile Affinities-(re)strengthening international artistic collaboration« only one week later in Berlin.

In this context, we would like to reiterate CAE's paper "Beyond the Obvious", a response from the cultural sector to the White Paper on the Future of Europe published by the European Commission, prepared in collaboration with over 500 cultural actors from all over Europe and an evaluation of the five possible scenarios the EU had depicted, giving also guiding principles and measures for a sixth, alternative development of the EU in the coming years.

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