in November 2018 in Berlin

With a view to the elections to the European Parliament in 2019 and to the German EU Council Presidency in 2020, Culture Action Europe's (CAE) members residing in Germany will meet in November 2018 in Berlin.

The European Secretariat of German Culture NGOs (EUSEC) invites to this get-together. IGBK and ITI Germany have been working together in EUSEC for many years.

CAE's General Secretary Tere Badia will present "Culture Action Europe's Appeal for the European Elections 2019" and it is planned to develop a position on a selection of topics such as culture in external EU relations, EU cohesion policy as a (potential) cultural policy and to an intersectoral positioning of the cultural sector in Europe itself.

Also, the results of the CAE annual meeting Beyond the Obvious at the end of October in Timisoara, "ctrl + shift HUMAN: Arts, Sciences and Technologies in coded societies" are to be evaluated together.

Together with the Swiss colleagues of Visarte, ITI and IGBK are currently developing the planning for the CAE Annual Conference 2019 in the border region of Konstanz / Kreuzlingen between Germany and Switzerland.

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