Submission Deadline: 30-09-2019

More information on the call here (in German)

The Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart awards the Hannsmann-Poethen-Literaturstipendium for the third time in 2020.

The tandem scholarship, which is unique in Germany, comprises a total of 15,000 euros and provides the scholarship holders with their own living / work studio and a project budget of up to 9,000 euros each during their three-month stay in Stuttgart.

Sponsors of the scholarship are an author / writer and an artist of another discipline (art, music, theater, film, new media, etc.), who together implement a literary-artistic project in Stuttgart.

Criteria for the award are the artistic quality and the cross-sector orientation of the project to be realized. The project should also include socio-critical aspects and create new impulses for cultural life.

The scholarship will be awarded in the fall of 2019, and the scholarship holders in Stuttgart from January to April 2020.

Please note, applications must be handed in in German. The call does not make specifications as to which language is expected for the work/residency, in case you would like to work in another language than German, please contact the Kulturamt Stuttgart beforehand.