Submission deadline: 31.01. and 15.08. every year

More information on the programme here.

The Exhibition Funding Programme supports international exhibition projects in public museums, cultural institutions and galleries abroad. The programme is open to contemporary German artists and artists with at least five years of residency in Germany. Funding is available for solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, participation in an international exhibition project or a biennial abroad.

What Does the Funding Include?

The persons sponsored receive financial support for transport costs, travel and accommodation expenses as well as for rental costs of technical equipment necessary for the exhibition.
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What Are the Requirements?

  • The artist must have received an invitation by a foreign exhibition institution.
  • The project will take place in a non-commercial context. The sale of the work is not envisioned.
  • The foreign institution hosting the exhibition provides a significant financial and otherwise own contribution.
  • The project must present work of high-quality.

Exclusionary Criteria for the Application

  • Invitations from private galleries are not permitted.
  • Artists who live in Germany but who do not have German citizenship may not receive sponsorship in their respective countries of origin.
  • A completed project or a project that has already begun before being accepted by the Exhibition Funding programme cannot be funded retrospectively. Expenses incurred prior to being accepted cannot be redeemed with the funding.
  • Student exhibition projects are not permitted. Please refer to DAAD for these kinds of funding opportunities.