Artistic-research-project by Dorothee Albrecht, Alf Löhr, Andreas Schmid and Moira Zoitl for the Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste (IGBK)

Since many years "Dreams of Art Spaces Collected" investigates visions and developments in exhibiting and mediating contemporary fine arts starting from China, Europe and Australia. The project gathers various perspectives of artists and curators living and working in these regions. The primary focus is not on museums, but rather on project spaces, initiatives run by artists and art associations.


In an exhibition (8 to 15 September 2007, Projektraum Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin) video, photographic and textual presentations of the artists' standpoints, evaluations and ideas were shown. In a workshop (15 September 2007), project members discussed diverse models and developed a catalogue of ideas.


Following several presentations of the project (i.a. in autumn 2008 at the third Guangzhou Triennial), the first DVD collection "Dreams of Art Spaces Collected - Starting from Europe, China & Australia" is available since 2008. The collection comprises 7 DVDs and more than 50 video interviews (in English language or with English subtitles) with artists and curators. The project includes contributions by:

Özge Acikkol (oda projesi, Istanbul), Devon Ackerman, Deb Bain King, Ute Meta Bauer, Leonie Baumann (Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Berlin), Yasemin Baydar (:mentalKLINIK, Istanbul), Dorothee Bienert, Marina Sorbello and Antje Weitzel (uqbar, Berlin), Barbara Borcic (SCCA-Ljubljana), Wiebke Brix, Jay Brown (Lijiang Studio, Lashihai), Angela Cavalieri, Johnson Chang Tsong-Zung, Chen Tong (Libreria Borges, Guangzhou), Maria Crista, Rodica Tache and Anca Gyemant (h.arta, Timisoara), Max Delany (Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne), Charles Esche,Gao Bo & Guan Ce, Tamsin Green, Ardi Gunawan, David Harley, Per Hasselberg (Konsthall C, Stockholm), Catherine Hemelryk (CAC Vilnius), Eva Hertzsch and Adam Page (Info Offspring, Berlin), Peter Hill, Claire Hsu (Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong), Huang Zhuan (OCAT Shenzhen), Gülsün Karamustafa, Vasif Kortun (Platform Garanti, Istanbul), Erden Kosova, Leung Chi Wo Warren (Para Site, Hong Kong), Li Xiaoshan (Square Gallery, Nanjing), Sara Lindsay (Victorian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne), Sarat Maharaj, Anton Lederer and Margarethe Makovec (<rotor> association for contemporary art, Graz, Charlotte Martinz-Turek and Luisa Ziaja (schnittpunkt, Vienna), Florentina Munteanu, Lise Nellemann (SparwasserHQ, Berlin), Didem Özbek (PIST/// Interdisciplinary Project Space, Istanbul),Tadej Pogacar (74 Center and Gallery and P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum, Ljubljana), Qui Zhijie, Martina Reuter and Dominik Portune (Depot, Vienna), Barbara Steiner, Shu Yong, Leif Magne Tangen (D21, Leipzig), Michael Vale, Ann Wertheim, Stephan Wickham, Ali Wong and Alvis Choi (1 a space, Hong Kong), Ashley Yeung (Videotage, Hong Kong), Bonnie Yeung and Connie Lam (Hong Kong Arts Centre), Zhang Wei and Hu Fang (Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou), Raphael Zimmerman


In 2015 a new "Dreams of Art Spaces Collected" Reader was published, as well as a DVD collection "Starting from India". It combines eleven contributions on project spaces, initiatives, and networks by authors from Africa, the Middle East, India, China, Eastern Europe, and Germany – from experts who call these places home.

All DVDs and the Reader can be ordered by email at the IGBK office.

Many of the videos can be viewed online here.

Dreams of Art Spaces Collected

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