Picture of Ermias Ekube (c) Ermias Ekube

Ermias Ekube (1970) is a visual artist, mainly working with the medium of painting and drawing to explore the intriguing nature of memory in relation to movement, time, identity and assimilation in new places, based on his personal experiences.
Currently working on a series called Memories are We are Memories. Merging figurative and conceptual strands, these works draw on thoughts and memories to imbue stories with meaning via simple objects, signs and gestures. These works are going to be on a solo show this year at Ed Cross Gallery London, accompanied by a launch of video and book documentation about the artist’s artistic journey which is produced by Almas Art Foundation, London.

Ermias studied art at the Addis Ababa University Alle School of Fine Arts and Design, 1990. Since he moved to Sweden 2013, he has been participating in institutional exhibitions and communal commissions, and mounted several exhibitions, both locally and globally. He currently lives and works in Västervik, Sweden.

Ermias is part of the round table at the 2024 visual artists | diverse conditions conference (Berlin).