Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Front view of the Cemeti Institute for Art and Society (c) Cemeti Institute for Art and Society

Linda Mayasari from Cemeti Institute for Art and Society join us for the onAIRISM - interaction and connectivity workshop in June and and the conference in November 2022.

Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society (formerly ‘Cemeti Gallery’, then ‘Cemeti Art House’) is Indonesia’s oldest platform for contemporary art, founded in Yogyakarta in 1988 by artists Mella Jaarsma and Nindityo Adipurnomo. Cemeti offers a platform for artists and cultural practitioners to develop, present and practice their work in close collaboration with curators, researchers, activists, writers and performers, as well as local communities across Yogyakarta.

The programme takes shape through exhibitions, workshops, talks, assemblies, publications, long-term research threads and a three-month artist-in-residence programme (held twice annually).

The subtitle ‘Institute for Art and Society’ was added in 2017 by a new team to express the organisations commitment to socially and politically engaged artistic practices, exploring the possibility for a gallery to act as a site for civic action.

Cemeti’s artist-in-residence programme provides a platform for artists with post-studio based practice, encouraging an open process of artistic research and knowledge exchange. The driving ambition of the residency is to encourage and support artists to connect directly with local communities, build meaningful relationships, and address key issues at stake in the local/regional context through their work. It is our hope that residents not only have the opportunity to develop their own practice but also create a meaningful exchange with local communities and the context of Yogyakarta. The residency team supports artists in developing critical perspectives on their own practice, connecting them with local artists, curators, art workers, researchers and academics, as well as with a diverse range of constituencies from across the city.

The residency programme takes place twice a year, in two three month periods; March to May, and September to November. In each residency period we host one Indonesian artists and one or two artists from other countries. The participation of each artist from outside Indonesia is in collaboration with a particular partner or funding body. Current partners include: Mondriaan Fund, the Netherlands (supporting the Netherlands based artists), Goethe Institute Indonesia (supporting Germany based artists) and the National Arts Council Singapore (supporting Singaporean artists). More information on the residency program here on the Cemeti Institute for Art and Society website.

Dark room with three visitors which are looking at the shining artworks and the screen (c) Cemeti Institute for Art and Society