Picture of Angelica Olsson (c) Attila Urbán

Angelica Olsson, is a visual artist, curator of public art collection, writer and lecturer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is a board member of the Artists’ Association of Sweden and the swedish culture magazine Zenit. Angelica Olsson is educated at the Nordic Art School in Kokkola, Finland (2000-2002) and the Fine Arts programme at Valand Art Academy, Gothenburg University, BFA/MFA, (2003-2009).

Her artistic practice is based in drawing, text and moving images and addresses existential dimensions, which is reflected in the process through a roughness in the expression that meets a fragility, fragments of larger narratives and pieces from different contexts that are joined together. Her imagery portrays compositions in gray scales, in a field between the concrete representation and abstraction. Thematically she is interested in structures of time and society, and the impact on people's body, psyche and living space. To collaborate in art projects and exhibition processes is central to her practice.

Angelica ist Teilnehmerin am Runden Tisch bei der visual artists | diverse conditions Konferenz in 2024.