December 2022

Cover Leitfaden Honorare vom BBK Bundesverband

In December 2022, the BBK Bundesverband (Federal Association of Visual Artists in Germany) has published a new Guideline for Artist Fees.

With this guide, the BBK Bundesverband provides a well-founded recommendation for the appropriate remuneration of artists' services, tailored specifically to the profession of visual artists.

Only with appropriate fees can visual artists develop their effectiveness in the long term at a qualitatively high level. Their fields of activity go beyond the creation and exhibition of works of art.

This Guideline for Artist Fees is the necessary further development of the BBK's Guideline on Exhibition Remuneration in 2021.

The publication also serves as a guideline for politics and administration. It is now necessary to anchor the recommended  fee limit in public funding guidelines in a binding manner and to align cultural funding accordingly.

Its application in publicly funded art projects will also help to ensure appropriate remuneration in the privately funded cultural sector. The published guideline does not apply to galleries and the art market.

The BBK expresses its gratitude to the Landesverband Bildende Kunst Sachsen e. V. for the initiative in developing the first draft and to the working group on artist fees of the BBK regional associations for the constructive and enriching discussion on this guideline.

View the Guideline for Artist Fees here as PDF (in German) on the website of the BBK Bundesverband.