On 15 June 15 2019, the delegates' meeting of the IGBK took place in Berlin.

Two new delegates were welcomed: María Linares (Deutscher Künstlerbund) and Dr. Ursula Toyka-Fuong (GEDOK). Ursula Dr. Toyka-Fuong was also newly elected to the board of the IGBK.

In addition, Susanne Meier-Faust (GEDOK), who has been a member of the IGBK Board for many years, was elected as one of the three chairpersons of IGBK.



IGBK DV 2019 DSCN1186

IGBK DV 2019 DSCN1189

IGBK DV 2019 DSCN1192

IGBK DV 2019 DSCN1201

Photo: IGBK