on Airism Workshop May 2021

27 May 2021, for 3 hours -->

Starting at 09.00h Calgary | 10.00h Bogotá, Calí, Medellín | 11.00h Gatineau | 12.00h Buenos Aires, Recife | 17.00h Berlin, Budapest, Poznan, Saarbrücken | 19.00h Tbilisi

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(Times below are Berlin times)
17:00 00:20 17:20 Welcome
Introduction to the project "onAIRISM - challenges and transitions"
17:20 00:10 17:30 Speed Dating for 10 minutes
There are always two partners in one break out room. We will send you into those rooms. Introduce your work to your counterpart. Speak about your visions for artistic residencies.
      (coming back into the main room)
17:35 00:55 18:30 Getting back into the big round
Please introduce your speed dating partner to the others. What did you learn about your partner?
5 minutes introduction for each person. When you are done, please pass the word to somebody who has not spoken yet. Thank you!
18:30 00:05 18:35 short break
18:35 00:10 18:45 Introduction to the workshop breakout rooms
We are collecting keywords on the work, visions and networking of artists' residencies.
18:45 00:20 19:05 Breakout Rooms Round 1
There are two breakout rooms running parallely (Room A and B).
In each room there are five partners, put together randomly, plus some people from the project team. We will send you into those rooms.
Everybody is invited to write into the jamboard. At the beginning of Round 1, a project team member will very shortly explain the Jamboard tools.
      (changing rooms)
19:10 00:20 19:30 Breakout Rooms Round 2
There are two breakout rooms running parallely (Room C and D). It's the same number of people in each room, but we try to mix up the people from the previous round. We will again send you into the breakout rooms.
19:30 00:05 19:35 short break
19:35 00:20 19:55 Discussion in the big round
How can we (further) exchange the ideas that we collected?
19:55 00:05 20:00 Farewell by the project leaders