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Sheri Avraham is an artist, curator and theater maker. Her work reflects on contemporary forms of art production and offers new dimensions of interaction within artistic, social and political institutions. Through her transdisciplinary work, she aims to create new models of expression, production, and shared structures of life.

Co-Founder D/Arts, Project Office for Diversity and Urban Dialogue. Artistic director of the artistic research project ze_R0!Ayn.

She is a board member of the der Interessengemeinschaft Bildende Kunst in Austria and works together with the Tiroler Künstler*innenschaft on the implementation of Fair Pay for artists.

Sheri is part of the round table at the 2024 visual artists | diverse conditions conference. She also gave an input at the visual artists | diverse conditions workshop on 08 November 2023 on the issue of 'Artists Associations and Structures against the Background of Diversity Aspects in Europe' from an Austrian perspective.