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c Sara Edström

Sara Edström is a Swedish artist and performer. She lives and works in Luleå, Stockholm and Berlin. In Luleå in the north of Sweden she has been running the feminist self organized art space Galleri Syster since 2006. The collective work of the project space of Syster is a vital part of her artistic practice. After working with sculpture as her main expression she started making music five years ago, which became her Midlife Crisis Pop Songs. Nowadays her artistic expressions are solely text, music and performance.

Sara Edström is the president of the Artists’ Association of Sweden as well as the vice president of International Association of Art Europe.

Sara is co-lead and co-moderator of the 2024 visual artists | diverse conditions conference. She also gave an input at the visual artists | diverse conditions workshop on 15 November 2023 on the issue of 'Funding and Working Spaces against the Background of Diversity Aspects in Europe' from a Swedish perspective.