Profilpicture of Yohann Floch(c) Miloš Ojdanić

Yohann Floch is Director of operations at On the Move, the international network dedicated to artistic and cultural mobility. He also manages FACE, a resource platform that facilitates European capacity-building programmes in the contemporary performing arts field.

Working for independent arts organisations and cultural institutions, Yohann has designed, coordinated or contributed to many European cooperation projects and pilot international collaborations over the years, including the recent projects AAA (led by IMMART), iCoDaCo (led by ilDance), Learning Trajectories (led by Eunia), and SHIFT (led by the European Music Council). He has been an external expert for governmental bodies and private foundations, and has led or (co)authored European studies, including the Cultural Mobility Flows reports for On the Move.

Yohann is co-moderator of the visual artists | diverse conditions conference in 2024.