On 4 July 2023 2.00-4.00 pm CET via Zoom

We cordially invite to a residency operators networking meeting on 04  July 2023 2.00-4.00 pm CEST (via Zoom).

Planned agenda:

Residencies mapping

In 2023, IGBK is developing a mapping of artist residencies in the field of visual arts in Germany. It will be published as a further service for artists in English on the IGBK website.

Residencies are important structures that afford artists individual mobility and exchange with local art scenes and environments. The networking of residency programs as well as the existence of safe spaces for artists are still of great importance. We hope that the mapping on the IGBK-website will help to further promote these issues. 

The meeting will be held in German and via Zoom. Questions and feedback in English are welcome.

We invite operators of artist residences to present their profile in the mapping. Here operators can submit information on their residency on the IGBK website via a form.