Next meeting on 29 January 2024 at 6pm CET via Zoom | Cooperation with GOETHE-INSTITUT IM EXIL

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MMU Working in Games

Join us for the next MONTHLY MEET-UP "Working in Games"! On 29 January 2024 at 6pm CET, via Zoom.

The independent games industry is a rapidly developing sector, and Berlin is one of its vibrant centers. The field is not only interesting for programmers, but also for artists, especially designers, visual artists, storytellers and authors, and of course musicians and composers. We would like to bring you into contact with personalities from the scene who can provide insights into their own work experiences. How do you make contact with game producers? How can you gain experience? What challenges do the various fields of work entail?

Our guests online will be:

  • Almut Schwacke (Sound Designer, Foley Artist and Composer for Games)
  • Lorenzo Di Pilia (Curator and event producer, Founder of Talk&Play, part of Saftladen Kollektiv Berlin)
  • Ulrike Syha (Playwright and Drama Translator, working in game writing)

Almut Schwacke has been roaming the world of interactive sound since 2006. With a Tonmeister diploma from the renowned Berlin University of the Arts under her belt, a big collection of Foley props and an infinite fascination for auditory subtleties she loves developing sonic identities for video games, wearing all the hats from Sound Designer to Foley Artist to Voice Actor to Composer in the process. Her works include Anno 1800, Through the Darkest of Times, You Suck At Parking, NUTS and Pizza Possum.
Audio is truly the greatest playground for her – diverse, interesting and a new challenge each time.

Lorenzo Pilia is a curator, host and event producer. He's primarily known as the founder and main organiser of Talk & Play, "an event about games for everyone" taking place since 2013 that contributed to the growth of the game development scene in Berlin. Lorenzo also helps run Saftladen, Berlin’s first indie game collective and co-working space. He has previously worked as a producer for the game studio Maschinen-Mensch and as programme manager for A MAZE. / Berlin festival.

Ulrike Syha is a playwright and translates drama from English. Her plays have been invited to the Mülheimer Theatertage several times. She has been awarded the Heidelberg Playwright's Prize and is a member of the board of the VTheA (Association of Playwrights). She also works in the field of game writing and game theater.

Winter time means virus time and that's why we decided to hold the workshop online. Nevertheless, we hope to get to know you and have a great exchange.

This is again a cooperation with the program GOETHE-INSTITUT IM EXIL. In many countries the Goethe-Institut like other cultural institutes had to be closed due to war or censorship. GOETHE-INSTITUT IM EXIL aims to create a space where artists can meet, exchange and discuss.

More information also on the touring artists Facebook-Profile.

Event in English.

The MONTHLY MEET-UP is a networking meeting for transnational artists that are new in Berlin, organized since 2020 by touring artists/IAIB - funded by the Berlin Senat for Culture and Social Cohesion.

Our MONTHLY MEET-UP gives you the chance

  • to get advice on administrative questions relevant for your artistic work in Berlin (such as tax number, KSK (social security fund for artists) or visa issues)
  • meet members of Berlin’s art institutions and get to know their work
  • meet fellow artists and support each other
  • visit shows, performances and exhibitions together

You are welcome to join us every month in Berlin.

Bring your questions and ideas!

Find information on all previous Monthly Meet-Ups on the touring artists Facebook profile.

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touring artists/ International Artists Info Berlin (IAIB) is a cooperation of IGBK, ITI and DTD, supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion Berlin program "Weltoffenes Berlin".