Workshop 19 January 2024 in Friedrichshafen | "There is but local arts” | Regional artists' support in the Bodensee Region

 Register for participation here unil 08 January 2024. Workshop in German.

Bild zweiter Workshop in der Region Bodensee

The project "There is but local arts"// Regionale Künstler*innenförderung Bodensee invites you to the second workshop as part of the project.

The first workshop "Schau! A mapping of artists in residencies and art prizes on Lake Constance" on 17 November 2023 at the Apollo in Kreuzlingen was an inspiring day in which many new insights were gained. ThurgauKultur also reported on it.

You are now cordially invited to the 2nd Workshop entitled "What's needed? Networks, skills, opportunities, or peace and quiet?" in conversation with artists".

On this workshop day, we would like to work out the needs of artistic career development with the involvement of some regionally active artists. Which forms of networking and which skills are needed? Which activities can we offer in a bundled form? What types of funding are available and how can we use them?

Together, we will get to know best practice examples of targeted career development for artists and, building on this, develop ideas on how we could approach a networked, joint funding program.

Invited are all those who are artistically active in the Lake Constance region and are committed to promoting artistic creation.

Date: 19 January 2024
Location: Zeppelin University, ZF Campus, Fallenbrunnen 3, 88045 Friedrichshafen
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Registration deadline is Monday, 08 January 2024. Participation is free of charge. Snacks will be provided during breaks and a reasonably priced lunch will be available in the canteen.

19 January 2024, 10am to 4.30pm, Schedule:

  • Networking: Informal professional exchange
  • Best practices: Input presentations and exchange of experiences with representatives of art associations and artists from the region
  • Future Ideas and Plans: Concepts and measures for the networked promotion of artists' careers in the Lake Constance region

The project "THERE IS BUT LOCAL ARTS" // REGIONALE KÜNSTLER* FÖRDERUNG BODENSEE is funded by the Cultural Foundation of the Canton of Thurgau and the IBK International Lake Constance Conference. Project sponsors are: Visarte Switzerland and the IGBK.

Registrations are welcome. The organizers are looking forward to an open and exciting exchange in the rooms of the University for Culture, Economics and Politics in the Lake Constance region. Further information can be found on the project website.