Against the background of the Corona pandemic and its consequences also for the cultural sector worldwide, UNESCO has launched ResiliArt, a global movement joined by cultural professionals worldwide that sheds light on the current state of creative industries through virtual discussions.

“The devastation brought to the entire culture value chain will have a long-lasting impact on the creative economy; ResiliArt aims to ensure the continuity of conversations, data sharing, and advocacy efforts long after the pandemic subsides.”

103 debates have been completed up to date, at least 30 more to follow this year. (04.07.2020)

View the list of planned activities and join the debates or discover recorded debates here

UNESCO has also compiled an interesting report on the general figures for the Resiliart debates here.

On 20 May 2020 the Deutsche UNESCO Kommission (DUK) organized the debate "ResiliArt: Kunst und Kultur in Zeiten der Covid-19-Pandemie" on the occasion of the World Day for Cultural Diversity. IGBK joined the debate as guests, view more details here.

Resiliart. Because Art makes us resilent