Picture of Theresa Lekberg (c) Theresa Lekberg

Theresa Lekberg is an performance and visual artist, residency host and project manager for SWAN Emergency residencies.

Theresa's work is existential in nature, questioning identity and the powers of existing personal social structures transforms into a universal perspective.

She is often working with different mediums and interdisciplinary collaborations.
Theresa is a founder and host of two artist residences in Sweden, with a curious mind creating spaces and rooms for artists to explore the process, provoke conformity and result oriented thinking.

In 2022 she initiated SWAN Emergency residencies as a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Working as a coordinator for artists in conflicted areas to have safe residencies in Sweden forming a collaboration between SWAN and Artists at risk. She is a board member of Swedish Artist Residency Network (SWAN)

Theresa is part of the round table at the 2024 visual artists | diverse conditions conference.