Profilpicture of annette hollywood(c) annette hollywood

annette hollywood takes a critical and humorous look at socio-political issues such as power relations and attention economies.

In her long-term project [anderkawer], she is currently investigating the situation of non-heteronormative parents and the associated ideologies of family and motherhood in Germany over the last 100 years on the basis of biographical and social events. In doing so, hollywood embarks on a detective-like search for clues in archives and visualizes the invisibility and visibility of lesbian mothers in particular in the mirror of the print media. Her work is presented nationally and internationally in exhibitions and film festivals, most recently at the German Film Museum in Frankfurt.

annette hollywood has been committed to a gender-equitable, inclusive and diverse art scene for many years. She has initiated numerous projects on participation on the board of the Deutscher Künstlerbund (2006-12 and 2016-18) and the Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste (2006-2020).

annette is part of the Round Table at the visual artists | diverse conditions conference in 2024.