(c) Elisabet Apelmo

Lars Apelmo In his Surprise Laboratory in Seby on the south-eastern island of Öland, he mainly creates wooden sculptures, but also performances such as the artistic variety show alter ego Mr Bentone or works in textiles and paper. The wooden sculptures are often painted and can be as small as a piece of jewelry or literally huge. One source of inspiration is his grandfather's ingenious recycling, driven by scarce circumstances. But everyday life on the edge of Stora Alvaret, with the world political situation constantly present, also creeps into Apelmo's work. He has artistic collaborations with the homeless and a Romanian basket weaver. A beautiful T-shirt comments on the climate emergency and a summery jacket criticizes imperialism. However, the politics never become heavy, but are always combined with playfulness and joy.

Lars is part of the round table at the 2024 visual artists | diverse conditions conference.