Picture of Julia Kasten (c) Julia Kasten

Julia Kasten, born in Cologne (*1995) is a political scientist and art historian. Having studied in Germany and France, she sees herself as a European citizen, which paved the way for her to work for the European Parliament. Two years ago, she started in the Secretary of the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) and is now an Accredited personal assistant (APA) to Member of Parliament Romeo Franz, vice chair of the culture and education committee. Her work in the CULT Committee focusses on topics such as artificial intelligence, copyright and, above all, equal opportunities and diversity in the cultural sector. Even though she lives now in Brussels, she continues to be involved as an expert citizen in the Cultural Committee/Working Group in Aachen. In addition to her political commitment, she is also active in the cultural sector. In 2019 she opened the art gallery "ArtCasino" with a special concept to offer artists a low-threshold exhibition space as well as an interdisciplinary meeting place.

Julia is part of the round table at the 2024 visual artists | diverse conditions conference.