End of May 2021

We will start at the end of May 2021 with a digital workshop with Artist in Residence (AIR) program operators from Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Cali, Calgary, Gatineau and Medellín.

We also want to build a bridge to IGBK's projects and partners in recent years. Some of the participants from Art Space Connect from Budapest, Poznan and Tbilisi, who also deal with the topic of residencies, will also join us again. And Berenika Partum, one of the project leaders of Art Space Connect, was part of the organizing team for this workshop.

The workshop will consist of about 15 people in total, artists and AIR program operators. This is about getting to know each other better and about collecting keywords and questions from the residency operators themselves. It is the goal to leave our Berlin perspective aside as early as possible and as much as we can, and to continue the work with their input and guiding questions.

Here is some information on our workshop partners in May 2021

on Airism Workshop May 2021


onAIRISM workshop May 2021

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