Visit from board and team members in Berlin

We met with Edith Brunette and Lieven Meyer, both board members of AXENÉO7, and with M.A.Marleau from the AXENÉO7 team, in May 2022 in our offices in Berlin!

AXENÉO7 had been part on onAIRISM - challenges and transitions in 2021, a.o. with a presentation at the conference in November 2021.

Moira Zoitl and María Linares, both part of the project leaders team for onAIRISM, together with the IGBK office, exchanged with Edith, Lieven and M.A. on the onAIRISM 2022 plans and on the future activities of AXENÉO7 in the upcoming years.

Group picture of the onAIRISM-team, IGBK office-team with Edith, Lieven and M.A.(c) IGBK