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A Time Capsule for the Post-Corona World

From the article: "When I was invited to write about Ludlow 38, the world still seemed to be reasonably stable, even if we were all deeply aware of the climate crisis. Projects ended, they were evaluated, and new ones followed in which attempts were made to learn from our achievements and mistakes. These days, however, it is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing a profound disruption to the ecosystem of cultural production that has grown for decades around the world. (...) If writing about Ludlow 38 at the beginning of 2020 meant discussing a successful model of an ephemeral curatorial residency program, browsing through its archive now feels like examining a time capsule containing historical documents and memorabilia for those to come, the snapshot of a bygone culture."

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 Fehrmann time capsule

The article is one of the "preliminary, open-ended insights into the legacy of the Goethe-Institut’s curatorial residency program in New York, to be read autonomously or to be used as companions to the complete Ludlow 38 archive."