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Eric Trottier from AXENÉO7 joined us for the onAIRISM - challenges and transitions workshop in May 2021

Founded in 1983, AXENÉO7 is an artist-run centre dedicated to advocating, promoting, and exhibiting the visual arts, while developing critical discourse around them. It is a gathering place for sharing and experimentation. Through a critically engaged program, it endeavours to expand the parameters of artistic practice and its presentation, and to improve artists’ conditions for production.



AXENÉO7 has three exhibition spaces, a residence and a workshop. The centre is led by a committee of artists and art professionals, who select exhibition projects and elaborate programming activities including artist talks, performances, seminars and publications. AXENÉO7 chooses to be a vector between generations of artists, bringing together emerging and more established practices.

AXENÉO7 has and will continue to be committed to the payment of royalties and fees according to the CARFAC/RAAV scale rates.

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Location and spaces

La Filature is a space located in Gatineau (Quebec), devoted to the creation and dissemination of visual and media art. The former factory — restored and converted — is home to the artist-run centre AXENÉO7, the Centre de production DAÏMÔN and to artists’ studio spaces.
La Filature is a non-profit organization which manages the building through a board of directors made up of representatives from AXENÉO7 and DAÏMÔN and members of the community. For more information about La Filature.

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In spring 2020, in direct response to the Corona-pandemic crisis, AXENÉO7 launched the AUTORÉSIDENCES program with this call for projects:

In the current events which are causing us all to rethink our ways of doing things, the artist-run centre AXENÉO7 remains operational. As such, our spring programming of activities is not cancelled, but is being reimagined.

AXENÉO7 is proposing the following remote initiative to artists in order “[…] to expand the parameters of artistic practice and its presentation, and to improve artists’ conditions for production”.* As such, through this initiative, AXENÉO7 is going to participate in the collective effort to support the work of artists in isolation.

AXENÉO7 is launching a call for Autorésidences projects, of which we will accept ten proposals and are committing a financial contribution of $1,500 per project.


Artists are invited to submit an autonomous residency project that they can work on from their homes or their own studios during this period of self-isolation. AXENÉO7’s programming committee will meet virtually to select ten projects. In return, these selected artists commit to present the results of their residencies within the coming year, over the course of regular events to be held at AXENÉO7, depending on how the current situation unfolds.

Due to the unique nature of this crisis, confusion is a natural response. AXENÉO7 proposes that we reframe how we view this exceptional situation not as a limiting imposition, but as an opportunity for creative freedom, abundant in its virtuality. We aim to structure Autorésidences around the proposals we select and in collaboration with the artists. In the context of this call for proposals, AXENÉO7 wants to lighten the guidelines in order to allow artists to pursue their research and, in so doing, create a collaborative relationship which can extend beyond the limits of physical presence.

Proposals must include:

  • A 300 words which describe the project that you’ll be focusing on during this period of isolation.
  • A 100-word biography.
  • A CV.
  • 10 images and/or videos of recent work.

(Please note: This call ended in April 2020)

* From the artist-run centre AXENÉO7 Mission statement.

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