Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Interior view of a exhibition in the kiosko space (c) all pictures in this article KIOSKO Galería

Raquel Schwartz and Douglas Rodrigo Rada and the team KIOSKO Galería join us for the onAIRISM - challenges and transitions conference in November 2021.

"KIOSKO is a space for expression and freedom, it is understood as a platform for the transmission and generation of ideas and concepts, which, responding to the context and acting in different settings, fosters diverse projects that focus on different audiences. Through these we can create links between professionals related to art and a young and diverse public, which is increasingly getting closer to contemporary art.

During these years we have developed research projects, exhibitions, workshops, talks, clinics, Workshops, in different formats and spaces."

Four people standing in front of colourful artworks

Kiosko acts as:

  • Space for the dissemination and promotion of Bolivian and regional artists
  • Validation space for young Bolivian and regional artist
  • Space for education in artistic theory and practice
  • Ideas meeting space
  • Space for cultural exchange and experiences
  • Research space and medium

Outside space of the Kiosko